Monday, March 27, 2006

Parody Ad "Violates Copyright" Claims Tourism Australia

"Where the Bloody Hell Are You?" is the Tourism Australia's new media campaign and the ad has proved controversial. Maybe it has aired on a TV station near you.

In the UK, regulators objected to the use of the word "bloody" and in Canada censors thought "Hell" was a little too strong for prime time (plus they saw the glass of beer as half-empty. They've asked that only full glasses be served to Canadian tourists.)

Filmmaker Daniel Illic thought it was time you got to see the "real" Australia.

See the new ad here:

Tourism Australia, a government body, objected to the parody ad, saying that the similar music used was a violation of their copyright. The filmmakers have taken the first parody down, changed the score and now have four new versions ready for download.