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research about mp3 blogs

O'Donnell, Patrick W., The Users and Marketing Efficacy of MP3 Music Blogs
PhD thesis: "This paper examined the users and marketing efficacy of MP3 music blogs. MP3 blogs are a specific type of blog that feature posts about musicians and have sample MP3s available for download. This study found that artists looking to gain access to an early adopter and non-mainstream music audience might find some success approaching blogs as a promotional tool with the hopes that blog chatter would influence a larger, more mainstream music audience, but would not likely generate sales within the core readership by simply making songs available for download. A factor analysis identified four uses for music blogs: free music, learn about a band, be in on the buzz, and library building. Qualitative data added a fifth use, being a part of the blog culture and community. Regression demonstrated that using blogs for the purpose of obtaining free music negatively affected album purchases."

a legal perspective:
Goldstone, Andrew, "MP3 Blogs: A Silver Bullet for the Music Industry or a Smoking Gun for Copyright Infringement?" . Available at SSRN:

Australian legal perspective:
Fitzgerald, Brian and O'Brien, Damien (2005) Digital Sampling and Culture Jamming in a Remix World: What Does the Law Allow?. Media and Arts Law Review 10(4):pp. 279-298.