Sunday, February 19, 2006

ASCI Organizes Public Panel Discussion

ASCI Organizes Public Panel Discussion
for ATOA
(Artists Talk On Art)


How has the Digital Revolution altered the domains of printmaking and photography? Will they survive as distinct fine art media?

Friday, March 3, 2006
7:00-9:00 pm
The School of Visual Arts (SVA)
209 East 23rd Street, NYC
in the Amphitheater

Doors open at 6:30 - $7 Admission;
$3 students/seniors; Free with ATOA Pass

"Rated X" by Eleni Mylonas
digital prints on vinyl, wooden stretchers
each panel 50" x 108" x 2"
installation for Olympic Spirit exhibition 4/2002


The "Digital Revolution" challenges the entire production and nature of images. Photography and printmaking bear the brunt of change and challenge because of their very nature: flat, 2-D, reproducible. We have all adjusted by now but to what precisely? What are the challenges, the adjustments and changes? By, to and for whom? What is the impact on artists, academic art departments, curators and collectors? Will printmaking and photography even survive as distinct art media? Are they co-mingling into a new media called 2D digital imaging? If so, what are the standards, if any, among artists who work in digital printmaking and photography, in art schools, and for those who curate and collect? Are there uniform standards? Does this new emergence affect past standards and structures as well as the future of art objects and the ways we approach them? The panel is composed of representatives from each area of expertise and artists from both traditional and digital media.


Panel moderator will open the panel by putting our topic in an art historical context before introducing the panelists. Then each panelist is invited to provide a 10-minute a/v presentation. This will be followed by a moderated discussion, ending with at least 30-minutes Q/A with the audience.

Richard Leslie, Ph.D. - art critic, author, professor at SVA and Stony Book

PANELISTS: (click on names for short bios)
Edward W. Earle – Curator of Digital Media, International Center of Photography, New York City
Eleni Mylonas - visual artist using digital imaging in 2- and 3-dimensions
Michal Smith - Executive Director of The Print Center in Philadelphia
Charles Traub – photographer; director of The School of Visual Arts, MFA Photography Video & Related Media Department

Panel Organizer:
Cynthia Pannucci - Founder/Director, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.

Hope you will join us!


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