Wednesday, January 24, 2007

DJ Drama drama--collected stories about his arrest for violation of copyright

VH1 reporting:

What's Next For The Mixtape World After DJ Drama Raid?

'The movement is stronger than ever right now,' says DJ Sense, one-third of Drama's embattled Aphilliates crew — but others see tough times ahead.
by Shaheem Reid and Jayson Rodriguez

'Play The Game Fair': Lil Wayne Responds To DJ Drama's Mixtape Bust

Diplomats' DukeDaGod, mixtape DJ also weigh in on the raid's impact.
by Shaheem Reid
-this piece addresses the tension that exists between the street-based DIY culture that the recording industry makes it's money off.
" With us it's a little different; we only do Diplomat mixtapes, we don't promote other artists. But still, I want to know all the guidelines so we don't have to run down this road anymore. We're gonna follow the guidelines and fall back and see what it is. If they had a mixtapes seminar, that would be hot. Have the RIAA come in and say what you can and what you can't do."
Here we have a label afraid to use their own recordings and uttering the most non-street thing I've ever heard. Seminar?

RIAA Speaks On DJ Drama Raid: 'We Enforce Our Rights'

'We don't consider this being against mixtapes,' spokesperson says.
by Jem Aswad, with reporting by Joseph Patel

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